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Ever wondered how google and facebook know exactly what product you need?


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    We are always open with our clients & colleagues, especially when it comes to the structure, responsibilities & management of the business.


    CME explores all possibilities to deliver excellence, by implementing efficient systems that works for our business structure.



    CME was established on the basis that we will only do and maintain honest business.


    We hold our fellow colleagues and partners accountable in order to obtain the best possible results for our clients in each sector of this company. 

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John-Louw Mouton

Co-Founder & Client Relations

Bth Psychology

Hannes Burger

Co-Founder & Marketing Specialist

Bcom Marketing and Management Sciences


Wouter De Vos

Data Analyst & Legal Adviser

LLB & BA Psychology

York Duvenhage

Digital Marketer & Web Developer

Marketing Management N6

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A - Helio Place; Eros Windhoek, Namibia

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